Kerry’s Movable Minion

October 30th, 2008 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

I truly appreciated the precise, anal retentive assistant who set up the stage for Sen. John Kerry at his Tufts Fletcher School address. In his well dimpled tie and understated sports jacket, he looked for all the world like a grad student, maybe a student-government VP.

Honk. I was wrong on that. This week, at the other half of those policy addresses, Kerry had his stage in Lynn’s North Shore Community College prepared by the same precision team of one. I realized that this guy was on the Senator’s staff.

Moreover, so were the plants. Both stages has the same five waist-high plants in woven baskets. As befitting Halloween, the plants followed Kerry week to week, college to college, stage to stage.

I was at the Tufts foreign-policy address with my wife, who also noticed the amusing ballet of flag, sound baffle and mic fine-tuning. All three of us from Left Ahead! showed up this week for the economics version. Then we got a few minutes with the master afterward.

We three kings of Orient…no, that’s we lowly blogger/podcaster scum queued up for Kerry behind the local Salem rag in Lynn. To my delight, I got to meet the flag fine-tuner himself.

Jason is on the communications staff in Kerry’s D.C. headquarters. I told him sincerely how much I admired his attention to detail in turning each canton of each of the five flags in Somerville precisely the same. He ‘fessed up that there were a lot of small details related to sound, photography and vision that he paid attention to for each appearance.

It turns out that those were the same plants. Kerry’s folk rent them for aesthetics for speeches. I honestly had never thought that there were rental plants other then for offices and movies. Now I know and knowing is half the battle.


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