Chariots of brrr

March 10th, 2012 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

I may have cycled beside a future Olympian or wide receiver today.  A little kid did his damnedest to outrun my road bike.

Cold it was, known as seasonal in Boston. At a nominal 31F, the flurries, high humidity, steady wind and cycling speed made it feel like the low teens or eenies.

Coming to Dorchester’s Tenean Beach on the shared bike/ped path, I slowed passing the mom and taking care of the maybe four-year-old running a meandering route ahead. A kid a couple of years older, maybe a brother, was further ahead yet with his soccer ball.

The younger boy looked at me at took off. He kept throwing his head first forward, then toward me, all the while racing, racing. As I passed her, she said, “He races everything.”

I slowed partially to make sure I didn’t hit him, but more for him as I realized he was in fact racing, to let him feel he was winning. The older boy fell on his ball in fun, blocking most of the pavement, so I slowed more. When I could I passed between the boys, but I was careful not to accelerate too fast and ruin the illusion.

The younger one said, “Boy, he’s fast.” He apparently had no sense he’d really have to be booking to outrun a road bike, even one with an old man up.

I loved his spirit, his competitiveness, and his determination.


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