Unhidden in Hyde Park

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A wee amble through Hyde Park revealed some sights of minor moment.


On River Street, clusters of the old lion’s tooth, dandelions reminded me of how beautiful they are…so long as they are on someone else’s lawn and out of seeding range.

I’ve been taking the English hand weeder tool to them in my new yard. There aren’t as many as in the previous house, where it was steady weeding every spring for five years to whip them.

I do so enjoy the display on the Southwest Corridor and the lawns where they thrive. Somehow though I can’t bring myself to revel in the naturalized wild garden reality of dandelions.

smackHowever, we don’t put poisons on our lawn, so we may well cook up the little batches I get here. I recall an elderly woman in my grandmother’s neighborhood who could never wait until I completed taking them out of that grass. She’d be over right after I got to my knees to beg my leavings. She made dandelion wine as well as ate the greens. I would give her a bushel or more and she never said it was too much.
Stony Brook Reservation has a diverse range of browns and black, awaiting the leaves and flowers. This one tree seemed surprisingly mouth-like in the middle. It would also be a candidate for most in need of ChapStick.

Stony Brook Cattails

Somehow, the typha (cattails) manage to keep their fluffy seedpods throughout the relentless winds and rain. It’s easy to see how these were the bedding, life-vest and papoose sling stuffing of so many people for centuries.

These guys though look like fuzzy, shocked spectators in a row, so many startled hippies just looking.

On Fairmount across from where the Grimk√© and Weld folk used to live, there’s a cat that surely should belong to the neighborhood watch. She’s on duty all day, every day.



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