Flat Snow Art

February 3rd, 2010 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

Our newspaper guy left art on the sidewalk this morning. I think snow angels for flat, wet art and didn’t know there was hidden beauty in the mundane daily task.

snowpaper.jpg A lot of years have turned over since I took either physics or the calculus.This morning saw some wonderful effects of momentum, vectors and such, worthy of a few calculations and a graph.

The gist is that his powerful toss from the moving minivan skimmed the half-inch sidewalk covering about 30 feet to where the papers stopped. Like a pond-skipping stone, they then left eight double curves at the lawn edge, like energy frozen in its traces. It was unintentional art.

We should note that he delivers before 5 a.m. Also, there’s a bit of heft and low friction in the package. Even though the Globe is pretty slim most days, when combined with the FT in the same plastic bag, there’s real momentum built in — particularly on a slick surface.

I do appreciate my own gift of an art exhibit, no matter how ephemeral. My footprints to the side have already sullied the canvas, plus it’ll be above freezing today and sunny. Regardless, a cheap thrill in the morning is a boon.

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  1. Robin Edgar says:

    Been there. Done that. . . 😉

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