Man-Sized Hominids

January 18th, 2010 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

This must be a wee taste of farmer’s pride. My two teen sons made quick and thorough work of a lot of heavy snow with me. While not what they were bred for, I confess to pleasure.

Our past couple of snows were the powdery sort, more prone to blow off the shovel than cause a grunt. This one was three or four inches of the nasty stuff — as dense and heavy as Ukrainian black bread.

The new-to-us house has twice the sidewalk of the old, plus a long, wide driveway and a deck that is the primary entrance from the cars. While I also clear the parts of the deck and lower level leading to the compost machine, that’s not essential.

Today with both the 16 and 19-year-olds home, I asked them to join me in the serious work. They did and we were done in under and hour, down to asphalt and concrete, curb to garage and steps.

Perhaps I’m aging simply. Regardless, I was gratified for the help, admiring their sturdiness and generally being a dad. I know that men tend to tender up as we age. We’ve been known  to mist or even tear at thing that would have brought derision and snorts decades before. This sort of emotion now is much more fun and satisfying.

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