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Is it a senior moment when I mis-date an event in the Google calendar? I did and shall follow up on the state of cycling in Boston as soon as the report appears on the city site.

Dumbly, I not only put the day for in-person delivery for this evening instead of last evening when it occurred. I also tweeted and Cinched that. I have removed those erroneous leads and apologize if I confused anyone.

Jolly cyclingAs a relentless (and my sons say weather-foolish cyclist), I do keep tabs on the situation. I am pretty sure that there will be incremental improvement data and forecasts on the continuing addition of bike lanes, racks, bus racks and such. In addition, our city’s cycling goddess (a.k.a. bike coordinator) Nicole Freedman is after a bicycle-sharing program here.

Truth be told, I’m less sanguine about the future of the latter. I’ll cover that more in future posts.

If today’s bitter cold has you off your bike and in your TV chair, you can keepĀ  your mind focused with two Left Ahead! oldies. A year ago, we chatted with Freedman and a few months before that with her Cambridge counterpart Cara Seiderman.

Otherwise, I offer mild redress for my error with previous related posts. Click on Cycling to the left or here for those.

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