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Once a month, I head to a bar not to drink. Boston Media Makers has its rectangular motley monthly at Doyle’s in Boston Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

As an aside, when we moved to JP over 20 years ago, we heard the same answer to where do you like to eat and where do you like to drink — Doyle’s. Hyperactive video-blogging king Steve Garfield started this video/film/blog/podcast thingummy, now in its second location after Sweet Finnish coffee shop died.

Maybe I shouldn’t mention BMM. It’s usually jammed. Yet, in a given month, typically a third of the folk at the huge set of tables are first timers. This is an awkward place for suburbanites and exurbanites. Plus, many adults don’t go to 10 a.m. Sunday meetings. Maybe they’re all at mass.

Yesterday’s mashing of incongruous attendants was typical. We had film professionals, total gear-head geeks, bloggers, public radio producers seeking job leads, even a burlesque actress. I never leave without learning things, meeting new folk, and discovering fascinating websites.

So, to the burlesque lady, she was not such a leap. She wanted to learn more about media, websites and event promotion. All of those are within the purview of people around the table. You can ask for help and expect it offline after the main meeting or by handing out your card or URL.

For amusement, look at her picture here. She is one of the stars of the Slutcracker show (bottom row with face glitter), Robin Maxfield.  This image is from Steve’s introduce-yourself BMM filming.demur.jpg

The demur mom with her 10-year-old daughter is not exactly the threat to Christmas and morality that the dreadful, Chicken Little folk at MassResistance would have us believe. Instead, it is a fun show, tamer than a lot of current TV, running at the Somerville Theatre for another two weeks. I suspect the MR tirade has sold some tickets.

By the bye,  this daughter and her other one, plus her husband, are fine with the show and mom’s acting.

Otherwise, around the table (and in this case the deuces around the walls) people spoke about what they were doing or needed to know on their sites or blogs or jobs. There was little familial bragging about contracts received and then the show and tells. People brought new toys — vid lights, mics and more. There were $12 and $700 stuff. Some solved common problems and others were for the envy factor.

Oh, yeah, you can eat breakfast while you’re at it. A waitron joins us in the back and discreetly takes and serves and clears. A half hour of meeting new folk and chatting up chums precedes 60 to 90 minutes of one to three minute turns. Yes, there is serve-yourself coffee.

When I first went three years ago, I was timid about attending. There was magic Steve, premier video blogger, and a coterie of film pros with big-buck cameras and such. Yet, they’ve been fine with me, a humble-ish blogger and podcaster. I occasionally add to the mix and solve an issue or two. Like bridge bidding, you always have the right to pass.


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