Better Than the Icing on the Cake

November 27th, 2009 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

There can be only one six.

pie table

The battle of the pies continues and as of this Thanksgiving, includes another generation.  Our youngest, at 16, joined in yesterday with his own. Isaac produced a blueberry pie — filling and crust, with the vents spelling PIE.

As always, our Southern-rooted guests and family brought a favorite pie, and Kay bought two. When we had two or three, they were sideboard material. We have moved to a separate pie table now.

From the left, yesterday’s desserts were pecan, cheesecake, sweet potato, cherry, blueberry and buttermilk.

Despite our best efforts and with everyone having small slices of this and that on a plate, there were leftovers. Some left with pie and others had it for breakfast.

All of us get to taste pies on Thanksgiving that we don’t make and generally don’t have in the rest of the year. We heartily recommend this custom to others.

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  1. Jay & Jasper says:

    We can attest that all the pies were delicious. Jasper also had a new secret non-ingredient– no eggs. They were left in the original dish. Guess that sweet potato pie does not need it.

  2. Harrumpher says:

    That was really good pie. Maybe this is more proof that recipes should just be general guidelines.

    This may have been the best pie day of all so far. I think it points to doing this more than just at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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