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Simple things couples can do to reinforce their affection abound. I heard another last evening from the owner of James Gate in JP, Paulie Bryne.

I recall well when we had one, then two, young sons. With work and parenting, cleaning and repairing, cooking and reading, we were lacking. We didn’t have much adult time, much quiet romance time, much just-us humor, much leisurely meal time, much revel in each other alone together time.

We ended up contracting with boy sitters for a weekly or at least bi-weekly night out.  We could drag our sorry selves home from exhausting days, but we knew Wednesday evening was ours. We went out, just the two to a restaurant, theater or some variation. We might go out tired, but we were always glad for it and refreshed.

Bryne recalled that for me yesterday. I had met him casually before, as he and the chefs would greet diners at the table or door. Last evening was the first time I really spoke with him.

There for a meet-and-greet for at-large councilor candidate Andrew Kenneally, I had a little time with the owner when Andy introduced us. Of course, we talked food and booze, restaurants and bars, things Bryne and I seem to know a bit about. In the course of intercourse, I recommended Townsend’s in my new neighborhood.

Then he told me of his variation on date nights. He and his girlfriend keep a dish (I don’t recall whether it was a cup or bowl) as an aid. They write names of restaurants to try on slips of paper, toss them in and decide where to go by pulling one out a random.

That seems to add a dash of adventure to it, eh?

After talking Townsend’s and owner Michael Tallon for a bit, he said he’d short circuit the process this week and head on down. He said they’ve been meaning to check out some eateries in Hyde Park for awhile.

Apparently we arrived at a decent time. A week after we moved, Mayor Tom Menino and Councilor Rob Consalvo had the scissors out in Cleary and almost adjacent Logan Squares. They cut ribbons on five newish restaurants that afternoon. Townsend’s was not among those, having been open for over a year. Within a block though are a Mexican one, a Spanish one, and the South End-style The Hyde.

I like Paulie’s attitude about restaurants and romance. No matter how you decide, I recommend date nights. Romance isn’t just for teens.

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