Deep (Ellum) Diving

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No tattoos here — color me dull. On the other hand (and arm and waistline) color the tap puller/manager sorts at Allston’s Deep Ellum well tatted and proud.

Our regular gang of middle-aged swillers have warmed the stools and patio chairs there on and off for several years. We like to vary our establishment for new brews to us.

We think of Cambridge Common as the IPA paradise with prices one or two dollars a pint cheaper than almost anyone.  Redbones has its 24 taps, plus sometimes cask conditioned, changing the mix regularly. The Sunset a short distance from Deep Ellum has over 100 taps, where everyone can find three winners a visit.

Deep Ellum has much on bottle and plenty on tap, but centered on Belgians, which is not my favorite. Yet, they always have several wonderfully hoppy brews. In the main their shortcoming is outside — no provision at all for bicycles. You might luck on the single new post there for the bus stop. That by itself could inspire punks to trash your ride while they wait for the T. The abutting Walgreen’s has an iron fence that for the moment doesn’t have signs discouraging cycle locking. Apparently you are supposed to be a student in the area and walk to and stagger from the pub.

A remarkable sideshow is the tattoos that Max and Emily display, particularly in warm weather when their arms are bare, at least of clothing. I think I have it right that their skin decorators are at The Painted Bird in Somerville.  The designs are serious art and the colors are like the fish and coral you see skin diving in the Caribbean.

My adult introduction to tattooing was in the 1970s when I lived on East Third Street in Manhattan across from the Hell’s Angels. Several friends had itty-bitties that  one Angel or another had convinced them to endure in some drunken or drugged moment. At the time, they’d wrap cotton thread around a sewing needle and then dip it repeatedly into indelible ink as they punched holes. They would do maybe a flower or butterfly.

Again, color me dull. I pierced my ears long ago, but I have no permanent body art. Even my sister, who apparently will continue to be older than I has tattoos, as does her daughter.

I do admire the Deep Ellum moving art though.

Emily came in yesterday as though on cue. The barkeep at the moment said she did not have tattoos when I remarked that I recalled Emily’s. She added that her chum was about to have her left arm done too. Emily then showed up and showed off.

The outline of the work in process completely covers the arm from the shoulder through the wrist. Color is to come.

She said it all started because she fell in love with a tattoo artist. She asked him to give her a tattoo. It was an elaborate, and again very colorful, gird at waist level. They have kept company and he has continued to ink her. Her right arm is high art already.

She said previously there was a book in the works on her beau’s art and her tats will be included. After coming home, I searched and found a myspace site for her. That includes a few pix with the art, but doesn’t stress it.  Pity, it’s impressive stuff. If I ever decided to go that way, I’d definitely go to her guy.

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  1. Uncle says:

    The high (as it were) point of my arts PR career was promotion of an exhibition of Japanese tattoo art. Both the media preview and the opening were rife with sake-fueled comparisons of the art. One can’t have tats without being a bit of an exhibitionist. I think Emily is off to a good start, but she needs some colour.

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