Cos Play at the Y

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“Where’s your cape?,” demanded the four-year-old lad. Realizing that I had been sucked into a cos-play vortex with her kids, the mom was very quick to do almost all the lying for me. flying superhero

I had no idea my long-sleeved Superman shirt — blue with the big old S logo on my big old chest — would be so worthy of comment at the West Roxbury Y. Already two different 30-ish women in two sections had called out, “Great shirt!” and winked.

After my workout, as I sat in the entry room changing into bike shoes, the boy and his slightly older sister had to visit. It wasn’t exactly Santa, but I was their target courtesy of mom. As I passed the clot of families at the pool area, she called to them, “Look. Look. There’s a superhero.”

My youngest is just 16. My days of being even a plain hero to him are behind and maybe ahead of him. Suddenly I had the respect and rapt attention of the kindergarten crew.

They wanted to know just the basic superhero facts. Was I flying home? I said I was taking my bike. Mom added both that superheroes don’t always fly and that I was putting on my special bicycle shoes and my helmet. She was shameless in both making stuff up and entertaining her charges.

I didn’t feel the deceit was too deep or harmful. The son particularly was clearly going to continue to ask the why and how questions today and until he was satisfied, perhaps at age 35. Truth would out.

Well, I do have the big shoulders and obvious muscles. However, instead of the field of jet black hair, I wear some blond cotton candy over my shiny scalp. Had I been five or four, I think I would have wanted to know what had happened to Superman’s hair.

Nevertheless, mom made the mundane magic. Her kids had a seven-minute interlude with Superman right at the Y.

Now I think I feel the need to go fight some crime.

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  1. Uncle says:

    Damn good thing you weren’t in the U of South Carolina t-shirt.

  2. Harrumpher says:

    Harr…hadn’t thought about that shirt. I bet that glib mom would have had a snappy routine for COCKS too.

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