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Sunny weather and a jolly convoy from the bottom of JP to City Hall Plaza marked today’s Bike Friday. The missing element was the toy joy of having bicycle cops lead the convoys from neighborhoods and burbs.

There’s one more such event this year, August 28th. Check the site for convoy routes and times. When you arrive, expect too much free food, plus one to two dozen tents of bike organizations. Several bike shops will check and lube your bike on the spot for free too.

Mayor in his elementOur new well inculcated in cycling Mayor Tom Menino loves this stuff. He claims to bike daily at 5 a.m. from his Readville home in the Hyde Park neighborhood. In our Left Ahead! interview, he couldn’t restrain himself from talking bike either, adding that he wish he had started cycling 20 years ago.

On Bike Fridays, he show and talks and walks and shake hands. Today, he  glad-handed all comers.

Alas though, we were missing those bicycle cop escorts described in a previous post. City Bicycle Coordinator (a.k.a. bike czarina) Nicole Freedman told me this morning that they were a casualty of budget and rules changes.

She says that the city bicycle police are no longer allowed to cross district lines. That makes leading a convoy even less than 10 miles from, say, Readville logistically impossible.


Number two son and I rode in from the start of the start of the Lallement Bikepath along the Southwest Corridor. Doug Mink led about 20 of us into town. It pleasant enough and there was camaraderie to spare. However, no cops leapt off their bikes in intersections to keep us safe. No one had lights or sirens on his bike.

I shouldn’t whine. To most of these bike events, I’m too impatient to wait for and then stay with a convoy. I bike into downtown all the time and it’s quicker and more direct to tool on in solo.

Going at the slow pace was nice today. Several impatient commuters on bikes rolled past and greeted us. Every year I ride around town, I see more of them. I believe Menino and Freedman when they say that we are slowing getting momentum to turn our town into a cycling one.


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  1. B D F says:

    Readville is not a Hyde Park neighborhood. Readville separated from H P on 8/26/76 @ 2:00 PM. See city council minutes of that day.

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