Still Missing Grave Goodies

June 6th, 2009 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

graverobber1.jpgAlas, there is no good update for last August’s grave robberies at Forest Hills Cemetery. One or more immoral thugs stole sculpture, as well as funeral urns — all salable as black market art or merely as scrap metal worth far, far less.

On bike rides or strolls through this gorgeous location, the damaged residue of the thefts are what remains. The pedestal that supported Ceres stands apart and lonely beside the lake, with the holes obvious where the Gibran statue was ripped from its block.


It’s not as obvious where Bark Balls used to nestle under the spreading beech.

The two pix here (click for larger view) show the base brackets from one of the urns in front of the Hanley mausleum. Apparently, the thieves pried the urns off with a crowbar or something similar.

The sights of what we can no longer see sadden me. I retain a hope that some metal dealer or a detective will get the right lead and return the goods.

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