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Google maps meI’m not sure how I feel about the inclusion. Google’s van has been around my neighborhood and made street-level pix of my house. Is that intrusive, flattering or just inevitable?

This morning, I got directions to the Mass Mutual convention center in Springfield. I’m headed to the state Dem Party convention Saturday. I’m  not a delegate, rather leading a workshop on blogging for the real delegates.

I often find Yahoo maps to give better directions, but I started with maps.google.com today. Suddenly there was the house across the street, for the first time. Sure enough, clicking the directional arrows, I was looking at my wife’s not so old van and my old car in front of our house.

Zooming in was fuzzy quickly, but the locale and accessories were unmistakable. From the looks, the image was pretty recent.

Previously, views of our neighborhood near the bottom of Boston  were overhead and not too definite. Now it’s personal. We live in what we locals would identify as the Woodbourne section of the Forest Hills area of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. We don’t have points of interest like government buildings or even restaurants. We were understandably low on Google’s image-acquisition itinerary.

I think I liked that, being under the Borg’s radar. Now you can cruise up and down all the streets in Boston with the string bourne in them.  We’re there and you and tout le monde can peek at us.

I suppose the antarctic camps will be the last mapped.

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