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Like wheels attached to my butt, cycling has been a joy. I’ve been back on a bike for over a month following the broken leg/surgery and I’ve discovered a fab plain-folk cycling maggy.

I’ll grant my surgeons the doubt. Let’s say not that they were blowing smoke, but that they under-promised so that I could over-deliver.  When they told me I wouldn’t be able to be back on the saddle until September and that I wouldn’t want to spin the wheels until December, they let me prove them wrong.

I targeted May 15th for a ride to Boston’s City Hall Plaza for the Bay State Bike Week hooha.  In early April when I was just barely able to lift my repaired leg onto the stationary bike-like-object at the gym, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do it, certainly not kick out of the pedals with my still shattered fibula. I had sent an email to our biking czarina, Nicole Freedman, apologizing in advance.

Well, I wheel more slowly than before, but I hit the road, figuratively, to the Blue Hills, Wellesley, downtown Beantown, and for arrogance and joy, every trip to the physical therapist. So, come that Friday, number two son and I biked downtown.

Nicole is savvy about promotion and passionate about biking. She was funneling folk with any kind of salable tale to Bill Nesson, who teaches visual and media arts at Emerson College. We got a chance to be simultaneously self-absorbed and bike enchanted. Maybe it was the endorphins from cycling in to the plaza. See one of our clips here.

Meanwhile, on that other coast, Momentum magazine is having way too much fun. Number one son found it first and talked up the Facebook group for it.  Join that to get their very frequent updates to online issues, features and events. For the Myers-Briggs S types, the print version is also widely available at bike shops. I grabbed the current one at Community Bicycle Supply in Boston’s South End Saturday.

Unlike the hardcore gear-head slick pubs, Momentum covers cycling in different towns, bike shop, books, safety classes, and a virtually any style of commuting, distance, off-road and other biking. It’s for people and not for pros or Peter Pan types in $200 jerseys. Good on ’em.

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