Coal Black Harassers

May 31st, 2009 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

First the hawk came, like a bomber swooping six feet or so my bike helmet. Immediately behind, two cawing crows few in tight formation.

I was biking this morning on Neponset Valley Parkway when the aerial display occurred. I rarely bring a camera on a bike ride and had not today. Even if one were handy, I would not have had time to retrieve it, turn it on and get any of the scene. Rather it became a transient nature moment.

The mature red tail hawk had a squirming chipmunk that it has apparently just pounced on and captured on a tree limb beside the road. That’s when it took off with its breakfast in claws. The crows will apparently eat anything and chase bigger predators without fear.

The hawk was not impressed and headed away. It outflew its pursuers. There’d be no sharing this morning.


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