Snow Joke, Plowboy

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oddside.jpgThose laugh a minute, no, five laughs per minute, Boston snowplow guys clearly make their job fun. When they aren’t playing Hide the Hydrant, they make the most of what would otherwise be tedious work.

Here in our very unbusy Woodbourne, we could be more boring…if there weren’t little jokes. A good running routine seem to be burying cars on one side of the street — the side the city says to park on during a snow emergency.

These pix show the punchline. We are supposed to park on even-numbered sides of our streets. In the image on the left, after the plow swipes the odd side has maybe five inches of unpacked snow. On the right, cars on the legal side of the street are dammed in nearly three feet of packed snow and ice mashed against the cars up to two and one half feet wide.


Ha ha ha ha. That’ll teach them to park where we told them. Ha ha.

We hardly qualify as secondary streets. It’s all single-family houses. There are many more on-street spaces than cars. We don’t even rate neighborhood parking signs or stickers. We’re too far from commuter rail and subway lines to tempt non-residents.

In theory, the plowboys may be unaware of where cars are supposed to park (unlikely, eh?). Perhaps they need a remedial lesson on how to know whether a house number is odd or even (the stereotype might support that for public school grads).

These pix were on a long, single-block street. The driver would have to drive West to be nice to the cars parked on the even side of the street.  That never happens. It would ruin the joke.

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