Alter Kaker at Cleary

September 29th, 2008 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

Another advantage of cycling in the city is that you are head-level with ambulatory humanoids.  Today, I got a quick hail in Cleary Square. Stopped for the River/Hyde Park light I looked up when I heard, “Wish I had a bike.”

Jolly cyclingHe appeared in his late 60s and cheerful enough in that dour old-guy way. He had news and noise though.

He lamented that the bike shop wanted a fortune for new bikes. I told him mine wasn’t a high-end one. He went on to lay out his frame of reference. “I could buy a new house for what they charge. They want $150 for a new bike. $69 for a used one.”

I quickly mused on the housing you could get for $70. I think that’s the clearance price on a two-room nylon tent at Campmor. Then again, a place to put in on would be extra.

I encouraged him to get a used bike. The light changed.


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