Fall Sneaking at Tree Park

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Unreasonable expectations marked my journey to and through Boston’s Arnold Arboretum today.  I’ve been seeing the pictures of the fall-foliage color riots everywhere and figured that much of that joint would be screaming, “Autumn!”

Not so, there were a few smaller maples and a couple varieties of oaks in orange and red, but very few. Instead it was subtle again.

The trick before the garish displays is look down, not up. Every path has wee delights.

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The purple beautyberries are petite drama queens. Head up Bussey Hill and look right next to the path to the Explorer’s Garden. purplebeautyberries
chinaberries The Chinaberries are in prolific clusters on Valley Road. There are deceptively similar berries on the red dogwood bushes in the Leventritt Gardens.
A one-off on Willow Path was a basketball-sized bees’ nest. It’s only a few feet off the trail. You can’t miss it because of several warning ACTIVE HIVE signs. The dwarf tree it’s in (long-thorned hawthorn) has it all decked out for the holidays. arnoldhive
euonymus Midway on the path up Bussey Hill on the opposite side from the beautyberries is a set of euonymus, with flower-like berry coverings.
In the Leventritt Gardens, the delicate looking winterberries are like holly’s sophisticated sibling. winterberries
milkweed Make sure to follow the Blackwell Footpath. It’s the former home of an urban wild and still has occasional foxes, hawks and turkeys. This is also the season to marvel at the down of milkweed.



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