HP’s Flat Santas

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Hyde Park Christmas inflatables live like vampires — moribund by day and active at night. The sundry Santas, snow guys, reindeer, polar bears, Snoopy as elf, Mickey as St. Nick are flaccid in the sun. They fill, rise, shine, and undulate in the dark.

Here are snaps of a few flat versions today. The effect can be like the morning after the orgy. The players lie on and seem to hug each other as well as remained passed out on the lawns.

Like drunks the morning after the BIG party, these characters are flat on just one side of this lawn.
Some flat Santas fall over on themselves and anything else handy.
Some flat ones have solid, but horizontal buddies.
Those more solid guys are no more stable than the inflatable holiday clichés.
Deflated animals are less distinctive than guys in red or green costumes.
Many of the lawns had multiples, typically Santas or reindeer, and here differing snowmen.
Others mixed metaphors, such as including the Grinch.
Flat Santas came in all manner of size and ornamentation.

Pix Notes: You’re welcome to anything useful. They are Creative Commons, so just cite Mike Ball once.


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