Big Joys from the Small

June 4th, 2012 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

Personal inconveniences and even tragedies are the classical teachers. We learn by adapting. We observe by the introduction of the unusual. We are roused by the noises or touches we do not expect.

Thus, I have taken pleasure today in putting a keyboard on my knees and typing with, verily, two hands simultaneously.

With a broken clavicle and ribs, with agony on coughing and deep pain on breathing, such mundane functioning seems almost miraculous. Yet, there is no swelling music audible.

I am pleased at being able to use my hands in concert, even if for only a short period today. Moreover, I pushed it two days ago and paid for hours in suffering that night. This too makes me attentive to limits. All of which are wisdom-inducing observation and modulation.

Those who cast the I Ching certainly know the phrase and concept of the preponderance of the small. The lesser forces, events and folk alter the mighty, particularly in repetition and number. I’ll try to be more aware and more appreciative.

Meanwhile, typing instead of hunting and making do is a joy.


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