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Until this morning, I considered the Bay State Banner‘s stodgy look part of its charm. It has always had news and views that the dailies and weeklies didn’t cover. It remains a primary source for the area’s Black community.

Yet the paper and its website were stolid and visually uninteresting, even to an alter kaker such as me. The print version still is, but check out the new site. It went online this morning.

bsbcomment.jpgMirabile dictu! It’s easy on the eyes. It has article commenting (wake up Herald and Globe) with a WYSIWYG editor that pops up when you click the Add Comment buttons. Anyone who’s been on the Herald‘s article forum knows that’s not a commenting system, just a mangled bulletin board for insulters and haters.

bsb.jpgThe contents and layout are easy to look at. The article heads are easy to scan. The new top and side menus make navigation freshly simple.

Head over to the site, or at least click the partial page capture to the right for a flavor. For the geeky among us, know that this is an editme site, from a Wiki/content management background.
The site is as Deputy Editor Dan Devine wrote in a mass email this morning:

Readers will now be able to comment on Banner articles, post events independently to our community calendar, share our stories through a host of social bookmark sites, post our stuff to their Facebook profiles, follow us through their RSS readers of choice, navigate their way through all of our content more easily than was possible on our previous site, and do some other cool stuff, too. And it’s pretty, too.

I picked up the paper, as I do every Thursday. It’s as jumbled as ever. We have the last century in hand and this century on our screens.

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  1. Devine says:

    Much obliged for the kind words, and for the suggestions on how to continue to tweak and improve the new site. If we’re going to keep moving forward, we need input from all sides, and yours is most assuredly welcome.

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