The Great (probably late) White Squirrel

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The punchline is there at least was one, maybe two, albino squirrels around Jamaica Pond. Despite a recent Globe article that referred to “The white-furred, red-eyed, and rarely seen rodent, which organizers say is a semi-mythical creature around these parts – sort of like the Jamaica Pond’s Loch Ness Monster,” many of us have seen and photographed it.

This critter was the inspiration for the logo of the JP Music Fest (held yesterday). Here’s a scan of one of the t-shirts.

I confess that among the many (take that festival organizers) times I saw the squirrel, it never once wore a cap.


I’ll include a snap from my January 2009 Flickr photostream. After seeing this, video god Steve Garfield (a JP resident) brought his video camera and caught a scampering rodent himself.

Moreover, there’s a new FB page, likely inspired by the music festival hooha.

Alas a comment on the Youtube video included:

this little guy was actually a girl and she passed away last year, the spring of 2009. no worries though, she wasn’t eaten by a hawk or anything, she was found dead lying on a rock, probably fell out of her tree

License note: I’m sure the organizers own the tee image and I claim fair use for this time, but my snap is Creative Commons-Attribution (do what you want, just credit it once to Mike Ball).


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