Grassy Goslings Go Greedy

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With one of my own offspring practicing cycling with me in the Forest Hills Cemetery, I shared the lake-like object with the most in-love geese. A pair (turned into a threesome) of Canada geese were out with their own trio of babies.

The rest of the many geese seem not to like each other or to be a bit reproductively slow.

I’m not a fan of Canada geese, but their babies are as cute as anything Steiff has ever produced, except maybe the hedgehogs.

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Strutting The goslings were all about eating, while the parents walked guard
First things first, bugs in this case First things first
Little details like cyclists, joggers and dogs didn’t distract the wee diners Reminds me of my teens at home
They leapt into the lake in unison Without sound, the goslings sprinted as best they could and plunged breast first into the lake with their parents
Finally, like a Navy convoy, they headed to open water convoy headed for safe water

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