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OK, everybody knows by now that I have a serious affair with the Lowell Folk Festival. Let it be known that I do listen locally.

In fact, this evening, this personage and his uxorial unit trotted down a mile to the Cleary Square P.O. for one of the ongoing Traffic Jam sessions. From 7 to 9 PM, today and the next two Fridays (8/12 and 19), a sizeable and skilled predominately Afro-beat band Opposite People plays.

You can hear their stuff on MySpace and get skeds and such there and on their Facebook page.

Opposite people make good use of brass — bone, sax and trumpet. oppbone
oppdrums They are heavy on precussion, stressing bongo, conga and other things that bang and thump. The guitarist is worth waiting for the solo.
The iterative, then varied African and Caribbean beats are led by the horns. opphorns
oppspec In a slice of the audience, I’ll view this dreadful little sterile park by the P.O. differently, as a concert venue.
This had nothing to do with the band a half block away. I just liked the sunset view. HPriverst1

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