Where Robots Arise

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With the power of POTS and the net, and the grace of human users, I found out about the new mural on the bike/ped path next to the Mattapan trolley. It’s not my style, but for this case, I’m running the bulk of an earlier post with the new info.

I tracked down the woman who is apparently the sole source of mural information in DCR parks (Janice Tenzin). She put me in touch with a couple of people at Boston Natural Area Network, who in turn directed me to the sole expert there (Candice Cook).

The answer to my who, who funded and where’s the plaque questions are:

  • The mural was a project of teachers and students at the Milton Academy (and who’s saying Miltonians all hate and fear hoi polloi on the bike path?)
  • The city and state did not have to chip in for funding
  • The project completed as the school term ended, so the signage will come at some unspecified day (I hope it credits the students and advisers by name)

The original, still ignorant and curious post included:

I suspect I’ve cycled by a few times without noticing the robot and cellphones. When I roll on the DCR path beside the Mattapan trolley, I’m watching for unattended toddlers, unleashed dogs, and adult humanoids blissed out with earbuds. Today I noticed.

robotmuralNext to the grand mural depicting Native Americans, corn, canoes and such is a new and delightfully garish one. It’s big, it’s bright, it’s bold, and I bet it was done by high-school students.

I called the DCR when I got home. Allegedly the flack in charge of that area is at an event and no one else has any idea of the provenance. I’ve left a message and shall follow through if she does not get back with me. As soon as I learn, I’ll update this.

Pic Click Trick: Click on any image for a larger view. If your browser brings it up in the same window, use the back button or key to return.

This new one is contemporary, with modern electronics, retro tug of war, skater and even the Apple logo.  It makes an amusing visual counterpoint to the historic neighbor.

This stretch between the Milton and Butler trolley stops is vying for mural overlord. Up the line into Dorchester are a series of DCR and city supported wall pieces. They tend to be pretty crude and not too visually exciting.

Already just beyond the robot to history pair is a series of stylized nature pieces — ladybird, fireflies, cricket and day lilies. I’m figuring there’s more to come. I and likely hundreds of daily strollers and runners likely are eager for more secret gems in this hidden gallery.

The robot a little closer, replete with cellphone eyes. robottug
lilies Whole day lily mural.
Adjacent fireflies. firefly
ladyclover Ladybird detail.
Cricket detail. cricket


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