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May 28th, 2011 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

I declared this a gin-and-tonic afternoon — the first of A.D. 2011 here.

At 3:18, it was time and temperature appropriate. I had flogged myself through many morning chores and had worked for several hours, joined in the last one by son #3, in hand scrubbing the filthy plastic deck railing around a two-level deck that seemed to expand unrelentingly. The now white again boundary required muscles big and small, brushes, net balls, cloths, chemicals, and both still and hose nozzle water from belly button to shoe sole level.

The bright sun, breeze-less surroundings, and non-stop detailed work kicked it over to a summer drink afternon. Around here, we make a bottle of gin last a very long time. I think that about once every two years, we order a martini in a bar…just to do that like the 40s movie actors did. Otherwise, on hot, still days, we may draw on our British genetics to slice a lime and carry on.

So, admiring the suburban grandeur before me of re-whitened pickets, I sit with iPad and my first G&T of the season.

How many of us pseudo-philosophers aphorize to the effect of simple pleasures are best? Who cares. I’m posting and going back to revel in a wedge of squeezed lime, some quinine water and a shot of gin. It’s hot and I’ll hold that I earned it.


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  1. Candy says:

    “Cheers” we shall join you in the evening hours here!

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