Lilac, Mom’s, Pond Jam Sunday

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Sure enough, we did snort some lilacs in the Arnold Arboretum. Sons 2 and 3 also shuffled with me around the bonsai house in the year’s most crowded day there. However, we were there for something else.

Uxorial unit Cindy joined her regular acoustic jam crew at the largest of the three ponds for an afternoon music fest as part of the program. Normally, the Sometimers (sometimes the show up and others…) are at Gerard’s restaurant/bar/convenience store in Dot in cold seasons and at the Jamaica Pond band shell in nice weather for Sunday jams. This was about the same time, but a command performance at an unusual venue.

dobro As usual, the Dobro resonant guitar brought a welcome twang. Normally a single is in the group, but a second showed up yesterday.
Uxiorial unit, a.k.a. Cindy, handled one of the mandolins. CTpick
Pondjam2 The circle of musicians took turns suggesting and leading the songs.
Of course, there’d be no acoustic folk jam without the requisite banjo. Pondjam1
dobro2 The second Dobro was a welcome surprise.
Let there be sing-along and clapping accompaniments! Pondjam3

And there were a variety of stringed instruments, as well as a concertina. Upright bass, guitars, mandolins, dobros, even a uke were in the mix. Likewise, a sundry audience joined the dozen or so pluckers, strummers and squeezers, singing the folk, country and occasional protest or rock tune.

Toddlers beat tunes on their parents’ heads from perches on shoulders. Others little and big hummed, sang or vocalized nonsense as befitted their knowledge and age.

The Sometimers pronounced it a success.


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  1. Uncle says:

    That’s what we need up heah. Cool.

  2. Maya M says:

    I have come and listened to the ‘Sometimers’ many Sunday afternoons, and I love the music. Recently, I have been trying to find a banjo teacher in the Jamaica Plain area, so I searched online in the hopes of finding the contact info of the banjo player who plays with/leads this group on Sundays, and I came across your post! Would it be possible for you to help me get in contact with him?


  3. Harrumpher says:

    Shall send you info.

    By the bye, in not-so-nice seasons, they meet Sunday at Girard’s in Dorchester.

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