Walking on Shotgun Shells

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The 14-year-old came one today with a little smirk, a twitch over the police at Boston Latin Academy. It seems some kid brought in a live shotgun shell and left it in a john.

By cracky, in my day, the punks would pull a fire alarm and we’d head outside and stare at each other for a half hour. Today’s version may involve a phoned in bomb threat, or in this case, a puerile catalytic piece of rubbish.

 April 8, 2008 update:  I’ve been seeing a lot of hits here looking for today’s bomb scare. Links and comments on that are at Universal Hub. The gist is that it was a false alarm from a crank call. The kids cooled outside for 30 minutes while the cops checked the building.

shotgun shellsPoor Headmaster Aaronson was back on the broadcast, with a message called to all homes at 10:31 this morning. Someone had found the shell in a boys room. They called the police. They don’t want to say lock down, so it was safe mode.

(I guess she’s a real city kid. She called it a bullet.)

Her recording said several times that all the children were safe…proper authorities notified…blah blah.

It turns out that safe mode involved a police take over of the school. They bought in gun and ammo sniffing dogs. All the kids took their coats and backpacks into the hall next to their classroom. They stood their ground as the cops and dogs did their do. As this went on, the kids spent about two and one-half hours in the starting classooom.

Certainly it could have been much worse, as in some kid brought in a weapon. Yet, it’s not the call a parent wants to hear. This is after all one of the three exam schools, where the allegedly smart kids go and academics trump typical teen theatrics.

That’s better than Columbine but worse than an MIT hack.

I’m an old guy, so I flash back to fifth grade. I was in a medium-sized city, Danville, Virginia, a couple of miles above the North Carolina border. We had a smattering of country kids who bused into school while nearly all of us walked.

One morning, our teacher, Miss Petit, noticed a bag one of the rural kids had with him. She paid attention because there was a squirrel tail sticking out of it.

He had taken his 22-caliber rifile to the bus stop, killed the squirrel and intended to eat this for dinner. He had ths good sense to stash the 22 near the bus stop. He also was country enough to know that leaving his prize carcass by the road probably would mean that it would be eaten by a smaller predator before he got there in the afternoon.

She took the bag and had the custodian dispose of it. She told him not to repeat this.

Interestingly enough for the BLA connection, the hick was savvy enough to know not to bring a gun or ammo to school.


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  1. adamg says:

    At least you don’t live in Hopkinton, where they locked down every single school in town today because somewhere in town, somebody stole a car.

  2. MarkB says:

    Hey, that’s my old school! I went to Boston Tech from 1968-72. One year, the knuckleheads were pulling fire alarms damn near every day – all winter. Now that I think of it, we had to wear our coats in class one winter because so many window panes were broken. Ahhh… the good old days.

    Boston Tech, Boston Tech,
    Brave, corageous and bold,
    Long live her name,
    Long live her fame,
    And long may her story be told!

    How’s that for nostalgia?

  3. BLA Student says:

    yea dat was da day. it was all just some mumbo jumbo. no body brought a shotgun to skool. they just put a shell in the bathroom to get out of takin a test or something. also. just today (april 8th 2008) an anonymous person called the school sayin that they got bombs everywhere and we got 30 minutes to leave the building. we evacuated and stayed outside 4 like an hour. it was a hoax. all a hoax

  4. Jon says:

    No freaking way. I’m absolutely disagreeing. Next time when you post something think about reaction of readers.

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