PO Love to Latin

March 17th, 2011 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

carmenAs I get attached to postage stamp designs, either the rate goes up or the stamp is out of stock. As there are still some bills we pay by mail, some clippings and such we package for the college lad, and some letters and postal cards we simply enjoy sending, we are a blended mail house. We buy stamps.

I have been enjoying the lavender pansies on the LOVE stamp and headed to my nearest P.O. to replenish my supply this morning. Good fortune was that I didn’t wait; the sole customer was retreating to repackage his parcel. Bad was that, sure enough, the stamp was gone.

The impish clerk grinned lovingly and as though she had been waiting to use the line said, “We have no love in the Post Office.”

She could offer me LATIN MUSIC, a series with the likeness of five dead Latino singers. These are certainly more garish than the faint flowers, perhaps as pansies are to salsa.


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