Voting without Mike

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Where’s Mike? That was the question of the day at the Woodbourne Apartments in JP.

Despite middling rain, we had a solid turnout, with lines to get our ballots. However, out front on Southbourne at Hyde Park, no campaigners were in sight much less shilling. Moreover, inside there was no Mike O’Connor.Mike O’Connor with William Macy

I don’t think any of us was upset. Yet isn’t it amusing how we grow attached to what we expect?

Come election time, primary, special or general Sgt. Michael O’Connor is there all day verifying voters on the way from the booth to the machine. That’s he with act0r William Macy in a Pat Greenhouse/Boston Globe pic, from a piece on him as the BPD motion-picture liaison.

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He’s our neighborhood cop, as in he lives in the neighborhood, not that he walks a beat here. He’s also highly involved, as in he and his wife have run the baseball and other kids’ teams for a long time.

In his place at the table was a young patrolman. He had to answer, “Where’s Mike?” repeatedly. He said again and again in the short time I was there that Mike had been reassigned in preparation for the Patriots’ parade that didn’t happen.

It didn’t seem to keep anyone from voting, but it was a small puzzlement.

Otherwise, he had a full house, with Democrats maybe six to one for Republicans. The two independents I overheard asked for Dem ballots.

I had time too, because one of the poll guys slowed my precinct considerably. He had an Hispanic name, a name tag that included that he was a language interpreter, and a limited knowledge of English. Whether Boston or unaccented English, he needed at least two repetitions of the street and last name.

It’s good for the Latinos that a Spanish speaker was on hand to help them. It’s good for the others that the other guy was on hand to point out the name in the book and the box to check. That’s going to be a long day at that corner of the table.


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  1. Our next-door neighbor (also a policeman) is usually on duty at my precinct on election days — but not this morning.

    (And I know Michael O’Connor, too).


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