Evil Eye, Snow Setting

January 27th, 2011 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

My latest curse is on a Salvo plow operator on Fairmount Hill in Boston’s Hyde park neighborhood. May he be bedeviled daily until March 22nd — Spring — by vicious and malicious people who inconvenience him. May each jerk repeat the cruel act and make him clean up after their messes as though he were Sisyphus.

This driver exceeded my tolerance for those doing the necessary work of clearing out from our latest snow dump. Up here, we did get over a foot on top of all the other snow. My unfortunate 17-year-old, Isaac, did not get to loll in his non-school day. Instead, he joined me in hours of clearing snow. His was the 60-some foot driveway. Lackaday.

The evil plowman returned three times after his initial run, each time undoing considerable of my work, replacing open spaces at two points on our 50 feet of sidewalk as well as the wide driveway. I even waved him off twice, to no response. I have no doubt he was hanging around the neighborhood and reworking dry streets just to keep his hourly rate in play. He is an imp of no breeding and low morality.

I had cleared a wide walkway opposite the sidewalk run from the city street to our front door. That was for John, or mailman, and the newpaper delivery guy. Down near the driveway, I had made a similar, prolonged clearing for the huge wheeled recycling cart and the trash can, so those crews could have reasonable access on trash day. Of course, the biggest task was to clear the sodden heaps of road slush three feet tall from the driveway entrance.

The Salvo satan returned, pushing as much slush from that collected on the blade. It naturally flowed into the three open spaces. Instead, a slight turn of his wheel or lift of the plow would have maintained my open spaces. He clearly sought to punish someone obeying the law and respecting others.

He doesn’t deserve a pox, which would be too good on him. Instead, I think first of the Talmud, whose version of the golden rule is perfection — That which is hateful to you, do not do to another. That is all the law. The rest is commentary.

For the violation, he deserves my curse. He needs to have the same happen to him, repeatedly.


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  1. Darryl says:

    The Salvo Satan did me in too. I live on Milton Avenue and think he was scoping out my situation, waiting for the right time to strike.

    Once, I went inside after 2 hours of shoveling.. VRRRROOMMM.

    Damn him!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m in Brookline. It’s 2:12 am. I woke at 1:45 due to no less than 3 snow plows doing a prolonged mating dance on Beacon Street with no end in sight. If the vrooming weren’t enough, the multi-toned beeping seals the deal. I can hear that my upstairs and downstairs neighbors have also been roused, and they’re still going at it. HATE. PLOWS.

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