Inner City Comes Visiting

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Have lunch downtown with your adult son…and what happens? I returned to my boring one-block street in JP’s Woodbourne to find every form of police vehicle, plus a guy in a garish FBI jacket.

FBI agent

Updates via Adam: Apparently the guy in the red cap that the FBI and city had to convince to come out was the (alleged) perp. There was a CVB cover here and a MassMostWanted one here. Thanks muchly, Adam.

I used to laugh at my grandmother in a small county seat in the eastern panhandle (apple country) of West Virginia. She was always at the windows and sent me to the volunteer fire house whenever the alarm went off. They wrote the emergency names and address on the chalk board and Mable had to be first to know who was in trouble and of what type.

Cuffed ladOur section is so quiet and crimeless, I had to wander out to chat with the cops. Unlike the TV dramas, we had no pistol duels or screaming. No one called, “You’ll never take me alive, copper!”

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Perhaps more interesting than those fellows who were in plastic cuffs were the many officers of various agencies. You could certainly see who had been a Marine and still had the buzz cut with gray hair. I must say that for others the effect of a silver mullet is not a good fashion statement.

Checking the trunkI’ll update when I discover the real story. Neither MSM daily nor the freebies was carrying anything. I share the frustration of Adam over at UniversalHub in getting a 509 — bandwidth exceeded, trying to get something from Boston Police Department News.

I figured it was drugs because of the FBI involvement. That would be quite the news in our staid little corner of town. The folk in that new house have had visits from cops a few times for being loud. They don’t seem to notice that this very quiet block has one of the city’s best known and respected cops on it, and that no one else has loud parties or yells obscenities at their kids…at least not so anyone can hear.

Selfishly of course, we hope that this helps reduce their youthful exuberance.

So far, the city cops outside my front door said that they think one or more recent guests were involved in bank robberies. (What does Adam write, innocent until proven guilty? In this case, that would have the caveat of and until we know the accusation.)

I know the fellow in the white sweatshirt. He was in cuffs, then free. The ectomorph with the Mohawk on the other hand is a stranger to the block. He went away with new companions to discuss the matter at hand.

It’s all too much for a tiny niche with no notable behavior. To be continued…

Minor and Major Update: The Boston Globe ran a slight amplification on the Woodbourne police flurry in Woodbourne yesterday. Angel Robles is a suspect in numerous bank robberies, but so far cops have charged him with one — BOA in Roxbury on 1/4. The BPD News is back up and has a lot more, including the likely identify of the handcuffed guy, who they say is held in investigation of other bank robberies.

Thursday Followup: The Boston Herald returned at least briefly to its old self with a nice feature on the robbery suspect. O’Ryan Johnson located the city detective, Steven Blair, who explained the police work behind the bust. He also said why we neighbors hadn’t noticed him or odd activity:

He said the crew was tough to track because they had no fixed address and slept wherever they laid their heads at night.

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