Curse Before Blessing

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“It is a bad restaurant!,” proclaimed the gold eye-lidded lady. “There are mice in the back! They are mean people!”

Perhaps the five of us are too conventional. Her veritable mask of gold face paint with glitter, centered on and obscuring her eyes seemed to match her crazed pronouncements. She appeared to be as the Monty Python crew so often said “a loony.”

Just to me, she brought back flashes of the East Village back when I had a monkey, Sam, the cinnamon ringtail. One day on my East Third Street, as Sam rode on my shoulder as she was wont (she loved being the highest critter around), a Gypsy by her appearance walked directly in front of us. As Sam made threatened noises and rose on her back legs and placed her spindly hands on the crown of my head, the woman ran her right hand up my jaw, looked me deep in the eyes and said I was very powerful. She creeped out both my monkey and me. She had the same wild stare as the woman on Mass Ave last evening.

The restaurant in recent question was Rendezvous in Central Square. The many reviews in papers as well as online, alas, did not warn us of rodents nor nasties. We in our group rather suspected the sidewalk Cassandra had one or more run-ins with the staff there.

I had chosen the spot, where none of us had eaten, by its reviews and location. We were coming from the nearby MIT Museum and meeting two others for a birthday dinner for my wife. A long-term friend was visiting from the South, so we wanted a decent place in memory of the many good meals we had shared in Manhattan years before we moved North and she down there.

RICSeatingFor foodies, the seven agreed it was fine. As an indicator, here’s #2 son, my uxorial unit, and our friend the artist Savannah lost in their Thai scallop soup and duck dishes.

I started with their charcuterie plate, with small portions of pates and sausages made in house. The sundry flavors were at once subtle and rich — gentle but highly varied tastes and textures. I strongly recommend it.

#3 son went with the burger. It was remarkable for its appearance alone, starting with the bun. It gave the appearance of some grand forest mushroom cap. RICSbun He can be a hard sell and pronounced it neither mean nor murine, rather excellent.

We all enjoyed our choices.

For foodies again, it’s not the place of $5 plates more typical of Central Square. Rather entrees are in the $25 to $30 range. The bar and wine list are more South End than melting pot as well. There are a few bottles on the list under $30, but most cost $20 to $40 higher than that. You’d have to choose carefully and knowledgeably not to double your tab on a so-so wine here.

The warnings from the woman, colorful of face and language, aside, a good meal and good time was had by each of us.


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