AARP and the Shark

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In transition from the gray-hair’s snarling hound to the watchdog of the Peter Pan boomers, AARP has to get a grip. The latest evidence is a new article it features — telling 50 or 60-something boomer women how to seduce younger men or by it’s headline How to be a Cougar, Women Dating Younger Men.

You can pick your own interpretation. Was this a little titillating holiday gift like one “girl” giving another a pair of sexy panties? Was it the AARP staff trying to break out of the eat-your-fiber mold? Was it just a boomer’s idea of just good fun? Was it a not-too-subtle proclamation that this generation isn’t giving up on raw sex as retirement looms?

Regardless, it’s silly.

The author is Pamela Redmond Satran. She bills herself as a novelist and journalist. Typical of her novels is The Home for Wayward Supermodels and her journalism includes her “most famous piece,” What Every Woman Should Have and Know By the Time She’s 30 for Glamour (as in “A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra”) and the passable little travel recap of famous writers’ houses in the NYT.

For AARP, the seven cougar guidelines are pretty much how to behave like what boomers used to call a slut, or behave like the stereotype of a man. It’s sexy underwear and talking dirty enough to interest someone young enough to be your son.

Of course what’s amusing here is not the strained low-brow pop article. First, most AARP pieces are not there to exercise anyone’s intellect. Moreover, supermarket checkout maggies are full of these fun throwaways. No, it’s that AARP figures this is just right for their readers.

This is certainly a departure from New England B&Bs and this same mailing’s piece on how good posture can have health benefits. Next I suppose we can expect a bookend to this telling geezer guys how to seduce women their daughter’s age, and maybe something on where to find and how to get the most of recreational drugs.

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