Twits Who Tweet

December 13th, 2010 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

…no, not the twits who brag or play hipster at 140 characters…twits who spam.

I’ve been getting sex spams on Twitter. Several other regular users told me they do as well. They also treat it the same as I do, that is, ignore them.


Here’s a typical one, but rated PG. Some are more explicit.

The tweet to me reads that it’s from some woman, usually a first name. Clicking on the name to see who the devil it is brings up a profile along the lines of this one.

I assume the link to a video blog would do one or more of the following to a clicker:

  • Pitch porn for purchase
  • Upload a Trojan program
  • Advertise some service like phone sex

Alas for the purveyor of videos and the like, I don’t do emailed or tweeted links. I don’t even follow “this is hilarious” video links from relatives and friends. I’d much rather miss out on the joke then risk goofing up my computers.

Twitter’s on the case though. I went through older tweets to get one for an example for this post. Those more than a few days into the ether die an ignominious death by censorship. suspendThe spammers lose that profile, which they must churn about by the dozens, along with disposable email addresses to match.¬†Leastwise more of these alleged hyper-friendly young women keep appearing.

I admit I was not surprised to start getting spam on Twitter too. My cellphone gets calls for auto-repair insurance and such. My blogs get multiple daily attempts to insert veiled ads in comments; that virtually always fails as a result of my filters and keen utilities like Akismet.

The patterns puzzle me though. Different servers get different spammer hits. Russian spammers seem determined to hit Left Ahead! for one. Here, it’s almost all domestic spam, and so forth.

As social as social media users should be, I’d like to think that tweeters would never risk clicking on a link to an unknown video, even next to a thumbnail of an attractive, barely clothed woman.

For me, all spammers on the net as well as my phones should curl up and die. I don’t want to hear that they are just capitalists trying to make a dollar…or Euro…or ruble.


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