Chimney Crafts in JP

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Brick mason in the coldThere’s another job I don’t want — building a new chimney with tiny temperatures. A mason was on the very pitched roof of a neighbor this morning in JP working on a chimney. He wasn’t just pointing, a quick job. He was reconstructing the whole exterior.

The temps this morning when we woke were 11F not counting the windchill. A few hours later, I saw him with his level and trowel and bricks.

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That’s the guy in the picture on the right. I drew a red circle around his location.

Brick mason in the cold closer It threw me back a lot of years to my summers on carpentry crews in Pittsburgh. My first day on the job was to climb to the similarly slanted roofs of four-story townhouses to shingle. I don’t like heights, but I did it. Hell, as the mason might say if I asked him, it’s a living.

Come to think about it, for the past several days, I clicked on my cross-country skis and headed first to the Franklin Park golf course and then to the socked in Forest Hills Cemetery. At the latter, I was out for a couple of hours in snow, then sleet. While, I had a great time, I didn’t get paid for it. So the mason is one up.

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