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JP bird houseMy reward for my third shoveling session of this storm was the head to Franklin Park for my winter country club. When six or more inches fall, I hop over to a virtually empty cross-country venue.

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Even in posting this, I have little fear that the Devine golf course will suddenly become as jammed as a convenience store before the big game, like the Arnold Arboretum is. Over at Arnie’s placel, the SUVs that clog Bussey Street and the half dozen spaces have private school decals. I surmise that those tony folk would not be caught dying in Franklin Park.

So, let me sing the glories of the golf course. Actually, you can ski on the wilder, more forested side of the park too. Near the White stadium and the old (great stone carvings still there) and new zoos, you can ski through trees and take the couple of downhills.

The real, shirt soaking exertion is on the course though. It’s 18 holes of rolling hills, acking Canada geese, stone bridges, bunny tracks, and open fields. It has much longer runs and several better hills than all but one in the arboretum. Best of all, you can spend two hours there and see between zero and six other skiers, and maybe a few parents and kids with sleds.

This time, likely because of the storm, there were perhaps a hundred or more geese on the east side of the course. They nestled into the snow like dozens of soup tureens and didn’t move until I skied a few feet away. Oddly enough, these annoying critters had not soiled their snow beds at all. I guess they were saving that for our sidewalks and ponds.

This morning the air was still under 26 degrees and the fluffy snow was fast. Because there had been few skiers, I cut a lot of trails, and then doubled and tripled back to get good runs on them. Bless me.

I overstayed and when the temps hit 30, the skis slowed considerably. By them, I was soaking, overloaded with bucolic scenery, and ready for some seltzer.

If you go, you can sometimes park by the turn to the main zoo lot in the middle of the road through the park. Today, they had not yet plowed that and itsa gates still blocked access. However, the zoo guys are great about scraping the whole lot on the aviary side by 8 a.m. If you are afraid of the inner city, go home, or at least head to the golf course lot by the club house. There are always spaces there when it snows. Plus, you can ski a few yards from your car and just keep going.

I know a lot of folk are still terrified of Franklin Park, even more than Boston in general. I confess that I’m glad. There’s all the more ski resort for me.

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