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Depending on your personality and workload, organizing tools can be as tight as a noose or as liberating as skinnydipping. In one of the most immediately useful this weekend’s Podcamp Boston 2 workshops, the very slick, very savvy Scott Monty sucked me in with his title Web 2.0 Tools You Can Use.

He talked to four freebies that we should all know and at least consider. I’ll be playing with them and sitting tight for the one that has a waiting list for invitations.

His PowerPoint for the presentation is online here. It won’t cut it by itself (you should make sure to attend the next Podcamp), because he understands how to use PP — he talks to the slides and adds a lot.

In the PP and under the player, he lists the four tools, plus audience recommended ones. As a bonus, there’s a citation of InviteShare, where I put my name on the list for one of the tools.

Jott — This lets you use voice commands and content to send messages transcribed into text or still in voice or both to an person or group. It’s a true mobile app for your own reminders or short messages you’d need an internet connection for otherwise.

TrailFire — This lets you put Acrobat-style comments on a web page, any web page, with forward and backward arrows. Without your being there, you can send a presentation with your context for someone to follow. This is a control freak’s delight.

GrandCentral — This requires the invitation. Google bought this do-it-all phone tool, which is free at the moment. Monty loves features from the list, particularly being able to direct one phone number (your office, home office, home, cell) to another or to all simultaneously. You can see who’s calling and listen in to the start of a message like an old-style answering machine. Blah, blah…it’s feature filled.
Doodle — This is something I know I’ll use in several contexts, including my professional society. Fill in the blanks to set up a poll to coordinate multiple people for a meeting. Send them the link and they check off day and time they can come. There’s no barrage of emails from everyone and lots of shuffling and figuring. They don’t have to be on the same network even.

I’ll be using some of these and may post a review as I go. Meanwhile, this is plenty for you to start.

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  1. Aaron D. Ball says:

    GrandCentral claims to be invite-only now, but they sent me an invite right away when I submitted their “let me know when it’s ready” web form. Real Soon Now I may actually have a phone to use it with…

  2. Scott Monty says:

    Thanks for the props on the presentation; I’m glad you found it worth your time.

    If you haven’t gotten any traction from InviteShare, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.

  3. Harrumpher says:

    Mirabile dictu!

    About 12 hours after I put in a request to GrandCentral for notification, I got the okay. As Aaron commented, Google has reopened the process. Now, I can send invites to 10 folk.

  4. Tom says:

    A further free and useful tool is . Its for scheduling appointments with many nice additional features!

  5. Harrumpher says:

    That link provided no useful information to me. However, the parent company URL in Switzerland does — I haven’t tried it, but it looks pretty good on screen.

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