Mug Clubs I Have Known

October 18th, 2007 by Harrumpher Leave a reply »

Watch City Brewing in Waltham (of course) is on the extreme end of this short spectrum. An annual fee of $35 leases you your very own numbered crystal mug. That’s right, no one else’s lips should ever touch your rim. The mug holds 20 ounces. You pay for the pint and get the kick. You also pay half price for appetizers. If you lunch there regularly, it’s a deal. (My mug four two years when I worked close enough was #77.)

The middle of the mug schemes is Rock Bottom. All their restaurants offer a free mug club. You drink from the plebian common rack of mugs, but after you sign up, you also get an extra four ounces each time. In addition, they keep tabs and present you with RB branded swag (pint glass, hat and such) to keep you coming.

The serious swiller’s favorite has to be the same as mine though. Boston (and Salem) Beer Works have a VIP Club. It’s free and includes a simple scheme to keep you drinking. Every month, they give you up to $10 off if you spend at least $20 — beer, food or a combo. Sweet.

They also just changed from having you print out your monthly email to giving you a card linked to your account. Supposedly, the beer elves will store value in your account and keep track of it. I suspect the real motivation is not exactly the customer convenience they pitch. I never did, but I don’t see what would have prevented a customer from printing more than one copy of the email and getting that discount several times a month. I doubt the beer police would show up and certainly no one you want to know is interested in your beer after you’ve used it.

Bless them though. Of those three models, you know my choice and which one keeps me warming the stool.


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