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Why am I telling you? Surely, it’s to my advantage to keep the Greenway Festival very, very quiet.

I think the bonhomie residue from this morning’s freebie canoeing still tricks my brain. Plus, I know from decades of living here that Bostonians in general don’t drift afield of their known, usual events.

bnanfestRegardless, this relatively secret Neponset River Greenway Festival is hidden Boston outdoors in its splendor. It’s free. It runs for a couple of months. It has active and passive events. It has stuff for adults, kids and families. Did you note that all events are gratis?

This morning, for one mixed group, we were in a squadron of eight canoes struggling against the tide and then tooling around the Neponset between Pope John Paul II Park and the chocolate factory.

Our leaders were Rob McArthur of the DCR and Shea Ennen of Boston Natural Area Networks. The former was key here not only because the state runs these parks, but Rob also brought the canoes, paddles and life jackets. Did you note this is all free?

We were on the water for an hour and half, a little longer maybe. There were only a couple of power boats passing and they were obeying the no-wake rules. The water had a lot more ducks and geese, a few cormorants and a egret. The latter is a wading bird, but it was waiting…in a tree…instead, with no beach on either side.

It was reedy all around, quiet and just enough work to justify a hearty lunch. You almost certainly were not there.

Despair not. the sixteenth annual Greenway Festival continues into late August. Check the sked for more canoeing, hikes, bike rides, and for the exercise adverse, butt-friendly free flicks, arts and nature workshops, and playground shows and activities for the tots.

Now I’m riven. We always go to the Lowell Folk Festival on the last weekend of July, and have for decades. We favor Saturday, which invariably has the best and most varied music. Yet, the Greenway gala has a canoeing expedition in our new neighborhood on that Saturday.

I suppose we could do Lowell on Sunday…

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