Phantoms of Fairmount

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This time, the female crossed my path and this time I had a camera. This smaller and more speckled coyote trotted 15 or so feet away perpendicular to my path. By the time I pulled the camera from my pocket and activated its lens (maybe four seconds), she had disappeared into backyards.

She now is in the class of phantoms of Fairmount Hill. I’ve never seen the mysterious driver of blue-and-white POLICE 1, Superintendent-in-Chief Dan Linskey, either. Perhaps I have more reason to believe in Hyde Park coyotes.

The larger male coyote has trotted down the busy Summit Street, on the same path the #24 bus travels every 20 minutes. He also seems fearless.

She popped out of Red Pine Road heading South to North crossing Milton Avenue. Without losing a quick step, she looked at me from a pickup truck length away. I seemed just another mammal walking the streets from her lack of reaction. She neither approached nor shied nor changed speed. From their reputation, she may have been cat hunting. This is the season when she should have pups to supply.

phantomThe hill has several wooded areas as Hyde Park and Milton share space. Right up the street is where the former restaurant king Howard Johnson had his mansion on what is now overgrown trees and brush. Neighbors are pretty sure the den is there.

As for the top cop, I may have to ring his bell to make sure he exists. Unlike the coyotes, he’s never revealed himself to me.

The first person we meet when we moved from JP told us what others have iterated. If you see him at all, he is scurrying between his patrol car and his house. They say (ooooo) that he never speaks to anyone.

I surmise that he considers it good politics and policing not to buddy up with locals. He might also just be shy, although years ago, he was Tom Menino’s driver; he can’t be devoid of people skills, at least one on one.

Daily on bike, in car or by foot, I pass his house three lots away, but in nine months, he remains a shadow. As for the coyotes, I can’t show you a picture, you’ll have to trust me that they are not really shadows.

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