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Lights, I see the party lights

November 24th, 2012

And the winner of this year’s Fairmount Hill Decorating Race is at Summit and Metropolitan!

The day after Thanksgiving, the guy on that corner who does the amazing light display was up in his rented aerial lift at the tippy top of his trees. ┬áHe doesn’t have that many trees on his smallish lot, but he strews multi-color lights down every single limb.

Then closer to the ground, he does every bush, shrub and apparently anything that doesn’t move out of the way. The woody plants are brown now, but won’t be much longer.

Truth be told, the neighborhood is in awe. This is an order of magnitude beyond those seasonal cloth signs on poles by the door ordinary mortals hang.

Chatter up here is that we are glad he puts on the show and gladder still that he is the one willing to put up with the planning, hanging, time, energy and expense. We’ll enjoy.

Meanwhile, the seasonal contender is at a lower, but still impressive level. At the very top of Milton Avenue, the big honking light-yellow house hangs a wreath that must be 7 or 8 feet in diameter on the front at the top floor. Jolly indeed.

However, they were relative slugs this year.  Their rented lift is in the massive driveway, but no wreath in sight. To the early decorator goes bragging rights. Let the season begin.